Kim Fowley


Kim Fowley returned from UK / France to find an invite to be interviewed for a BBC Scotland Radio Documentary on The Proclaimers.

Kim completes the BBC / Proclaimers Interview and 2 additional press interviews with Rob Hughes / UNCUT and Mick Brown / Telegraph Magazine. Both print interviews are scheduled for publication in January 04'.

Harvey Kubernik mentions Kim Fowley
along with Berry Gordy - Keith Richard in his
newest book "This Is Rebel Music"
(University Of New Mexico Press).

KIM FOWLEY SONGS LICENSED TO MTV: The ENTIRE Zip Records album, SAND FEATURING KIM FOWLEY AND ROY SWEDEEN: THE WEST IS BEST has been licensed for use on Real World and additional MTV Reality programming.

January 04' UNCUT
features a glowing review of the World Wide Underground

A Kim Fowley co-written song has been performed by Leigh Silver and The Bitter Things for use on an MTV Special on Surfing.

The new Kim Fowley album: ADVENTURES IN DREAMLAND has been licensed to Weed Records (Runt Distribution) for late January 04' release.

Also scheduled for release is STRANGE PLANTATIONS by Kim Fowley and Buzzy Beano on the Internet record label Four Cats / Radionic Records (New Orleans -

Kim's publishing company Rare Magnetism Music (ASCAP) scored big when it's song "Stick To Your Guns" was featured on the latest Motley Crue Greatest Hits Collection (Hip O - Universal).

In late September / early October 03' Kim and Co-Producer Roy Swedeen completed production work on The Venus And The Razorblades Reunion album: MORE SONGS FROM THE SUNSHINE JUNGLE. Also completed in mid December 03' with the country Rock debut of T. Stevens: THE LAST AMERICAN COWBOY.

Scheduled for February 1st: The Fowley / Swedeen Production Team begins pre-production for the Emmett Paradise album : GOOD SONGS .

"In Their Own Right" (Sanctuary) features more
Kim Fowley interviews by Harvey Kubernik, in a historical
overview of the 20th Century UK Music Press.

Kim is also Re-Packaging the classic West Coast bass album: VULTURES IN THE SKY.... Plus a (Best Of Collection) of his own solo artist recordings from Vienna - London - Ireland - New Orleans and California.

Kim Fowley featured in Downbeat Magazine issue on Frank Zappa recounting his experiences with Frank, during the production of "Freak Out", by The Mothers Of Invention. Kim Fowley was a guest artist along with Dr. John and Les McCann, and helped on background vocal arrangements. Yes, Kim has a credit on the Verve album playing the Hypephone.


In the Song Arena, Kim currently has a CO-Written composition "Born To Be Bad" featured in the live show of Peaches, on the EU Marilyn Manson tour.

The Gruven Bros."WAGES OF SIN", the latest project of Chris Darrow and Robb Strandlund with guest musicians Max Buda - Bob Siggins - Craig VanSant...Features a Kim Fowley CO-written song: Reputation.

SONGS FOR A BAR-B-QUE features the vocal stylings of Liz Darrow-Jones and the Memphis-esque compositions of Kim Fowley, Chris Darrow , and Liz Darrow Jones. Liz sounds like a West Coast Mavis Staples on the Dark End of a Million Unknown Streets. Chris is in the Deep South guitar chair. Required listening for fans of Sam Phillips and Steve Cropper.

Milano Sessions : Recently unearthed recordings of the legendary
Chris Darrow and the late Skip Battin in Italy.

The Spice Girls identified as " the spiritual daughters of The Runaways".
In a favorable review of the Kim Fowley Produced / Co-Produced / Written / CO-Written
Teen Rock Classics.

The Runaways


Helen Reddy's latest Greatest Hits package
with Kim's Production of = "WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE".

News about Kim Fowley

This news is courtesy of Little Steven!


Saturday, September 04, 2004



Saturday, September 4 and Monday, September 6 - Rebroadcast of the International Underground Garage Festival on August 14th at Randalls Island. Begins at Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Sunday, September 5 - the debut of on-air DJs on the channel. (all times Eastern)
7AM - 11AM // Handsome Dick Manitoba
11AM - 3PM // Kid Leo
3PM - 7PM // Andrew Loog Oldham
7PM - 11PM // Kim Fowley
11PM - 3AM // Bill Kelly
These DJs will be heard every Saturday and Sunday from now on.

Bill Kelly, WFMU's legendary 'Guru of the Garage' began his broadcasting career at WCHC in Worcester, Mass. in 1969. He has had the longest running Garage Rock radio show in history {"The Teenage Wasteland"} on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ for twenty-five years. In addition, the self-proclaimed 'Black Hole of Rock and Roll' is a long-time avid collector and authority on obscure 60's Garage Rock music.

Andrew Loog Oldham's incredible show business career started at 16 when he worked for 1960's iconographic fashion designer Mary Quant. Shortly afterward he entered the world of pop music publicity and worked on the UK tours of Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Chris Montez, and Bob Dylan. He handled the Beatles' early PR when they were just hitting the charts in England. After meeting the Rolling Stones, he became their co-manager and produced their first ten albums. In 1965 Oldham formed the first indie record label in England, Immediate, which produced the likes of the Small Faces, Fleetwood Mac, and Humble Pie. He has written two volumes of an acclaimed biography, Stoned and 2Stoned. Stoned is available in the United States through St. Martins Press.

Dictators' frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba's brash attitude and braggadocio has wowed audiences across the globe, most recently at the high profile International Underground Garage Festival on Randalls Island August 14 where the original band reunited. Since 1999 Manitoba has been the proprietor of the world's greatest neighborhood punk rock 'n' roll bar, Manitoba's, on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Kim Fowley's radio career began as an assistant to Alan Freed at KDAY-AM in Los Angeles. He is known as an acclaimed record producer (Runaways, Blue Cheer, Slade, Gene Vincent, and more); songwriter (Dead Boys, Cheap Trick, Nirvana, Alice Cooper, Byrds, Van Halen, and more); MC of John Lennon's "Live Peace In Toronto" concert in 1969 with Lennon and Eric Clapton; actor ("Mayor Of The Sunset Strip," 2004). His musical knowledge knows no bounds and he is a Sonic Cheerleader for 21st Century Rock and Roll.

Kid Leo defines the glory days of FM radio. He started at Cleveland's flagship rock station WMMS in 1973 and ruled the airwaves for the better part of two decades. He broke acts like Roxy Music, KISS, Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen to the very important midwest market. He is the only person in history known to ever MC a Bruce Springsteen concert, which he did at every Cleveland appearance Springsteen made, be it small club or stadium. Leo moved to New York in 1988 to become Vice President of Artist Development at Columbia Records, during which time helped launch the careers of Shawn Colvin, Alice In Chains, and Train, and created the first AAA department at a major label. In addition to being a broadcast personality on the Underground Garage Channel, Leo is also Operations Manager.


Visit our Underground Garage Channel page for information on the contemporary artists we're playing and how you can get their material.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival
Presented by Dunkin' Donuts
Randall's Island, New York City
Saturday August 14, 2004


  • Davie Allan and the Arrows
  • The Sexy Magazines
  • The Chains
  • The Star Spangles
  • The Gore Gore Girls
  • The Swingin' Neckbreakers
  • Muck and The Mires
  • The Caesars
  • The High Dials
  • The Fondas
  • The Singles
  • The Contrast
  • The Blackouts
  • The Fleshtones
  • Jarvis Humby
  • The Cocktail Slippers
  • Richard and the Young Lions
  • The Flaming Sideburns
  • The Boss Martians
  • The Charms
  • The Cynics
  • Lyres
  • The Stems
  • The Woggles
  • The Chocolate Watchband
  • The Shazam
  • The Electric Prunes
  • The Fuzztones
  • The Creation
  • The Chesterfield Kings
  • The Mooney Suzuki
  • The Paybacks
  • The Pete Best Band
  • The Forty-Fives
  • D4
  • The Romantics
  • The Dictators
  • Nancy Sinatra
  • Big Star
  • Bo Diddley
  • The Raveonettes
  • The Pretty Things
  • The New York Dolls
  • The Strokes
  • Iggy Pop & The Stooges


  • Chuck Barris
  • Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes
  • Kim Fowley
  • Martin Lewis
  • Tony 'Paulie Walnuts' Sirico
  • Kid Leo
  • Vinny 'Big Pussy' Pastore
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • 7 n 8


Kim Fowley has re-invented himself in
Film-Television-Radio in 2004.

The veteran West Coast recording legend has taken a leave of absence from the ever-changing Recording Industry, until a Universal New Operating Model will be introduced. In the mean while Kim has CO-Produced CO-Published CO-Written new music for The 10th Season of FRIENDS DVD (Warner Bros. Home Video) in Special Features.

Kim as an actor, co-stars in "Mayor Of The Sunset Strip" (First Look Entertainment) with David Bowie and Cher. The package has sold 100,000 units of DVDs since August...

Kim's acting can also be seen in "Edgeplay" (Image Entertainment), "End Of The Century" (Lighthouse Films) in Special Features. "Edgeplay" is a film about The Runaways. "Century" is a film about The Ramones.

Kim also costars in his own self-financed movie, "Inland Empire Music Club" (Crimson Dirt Machine) with members of The Byrds, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and reclusive Rock Legend Jody Reynolds.

Kim begins filming the bio pic of Edie Sedgwick in Toronto: Jan. 20, 2005.

On the Television front Kim Fowley is featured on The BBC Scotland Special "Secret Maps Of Hollywood"...Kim was seen on MTV 2/MTV (USA) Program "The Underground Garage Battle Of The Bands @Irving Plaza NYC". Kim hosted the event.

"The Underground Garage International Music Festival" @ Randalls Island was filmed by the crew of Chris Colombus, of "Harry Potter" fame for HBO (USA). The 12 hour concert was co-hosted by Bruce Springsteen-Little Steven-Chuck Barris-Edd "Kookie" Byrnes-Kim Fowley. The event stars Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Strokes, New York Dolls, The Pretty Things, The Raveonettes, Bo Diddley, Big Star, The Dictators, Nancy Sinatra, and The Romantics.

Kim Fowley has his own 4 hour Radio Show on Sirius Satellite Radio//Underground Garage//Channel 25 each Saturday and Sunday nights 7 pm-11 pm EDT.

Kim Fowley is producing the next album by The Charms in Detroit @ Thrilla Park Studios in November 2004...

The Charms

Kim has been invited to go into the studio with Rocket From The Crypt... Kim and Roy Swedeen produced Fred Green, the big noise from Phoenix Arizona @ Redlands International...

... also @ Redlands International were The Dumbtones and the comeback album by Venus And The Razor Blades...

Kim and Roy had their song "Joey" (from Friends) covered by Cheap Trick... Kim had his co-written with BMX Bandits classic Nuclear Summertime covered by Rocket (Teenacide).... also on Teenacide Soft Blue Lights released " Rodney" on the Pajama Party Compilation...

Kim and Glasgow Superstars BMX Bandits have their Hot Holiday Classic "Nuclear Summertime" covered by Hollywood Hot Girl Army :Rocket

Kim the singer, is featured on "Ave Marina: Ten Years Of Marina Records"...

Kim co-wrote a song on the next Witches album (Detroit)... Kim and Eugene Strobe have begun Pre Production on the next albums by The Cyril Lords and Pizazz from Detroit to be recorded @ Telepathic 3D Studios...

With all this in mind, it's only fitting that Kim Fowley conduct a panel at the 2004 In The City Music Conference entitled "How To Survive In The 21st Century Music Business" on Tuesday September 21st, 2004 @ 2:00 pm...Kim has invited 10 Separate Music Acts from the U.K. = Unsigned - Unknown and unplugged to tell their sad stories about why they are not under contract to a Major Recording Company...Kim promises to rectify that situation in 90 minutes of Education And Entertainment.

Kim is also doing a In The City sanctioned panel with the Breaking Down The Doors folks: "How To Go Platinum In One Hour". Don't miss these panels = They promise to be In The City highlights.

After In The City, Kim's next in person appearance will be @ The Las Vegas Rock-A-Round September 24-26 in the world famous Gold Coast Casino starring The Seeds-Downliners Sect-Chesterfield Kings. Kim is your on stage co-host.

Watch for Kim mention in the upcoming Jan and Dean Feature in MOJO magazine...Kim is also featured in 2004 book's about The Walker Brothers-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Eric Carmen. Michael Stuart, the original Love drummer, included Kim in his recent book.

In the Re-Issue Dept. Kim has 2 entries in 2004: "Flaming School Girls", The Runaways (Cherry Red) and "Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults" (Rhino/Handmade). Richard Berry: "Have 'Louie' Will Travel" (Ace)

The Runaways "Flaming Schoolgirls" (Cherry Red)= Various tracks Produced or Co-Written by Kim on yet another Runaways Re-Issue.

October Country (Rev-Ola)= Kim was the Original Publisher back in Silver Sixties of various Michael Lloyd songs. Michael produced the West Coast Combo before he became famous as the producer of platinum product by Lou Rawls- The Osmonds- Debbie Boone and The Monkees.

Watch for Kim's Tower Record's Silver Sixties Album "Love Is Alive And Well" Re-Release (Sundazed).


Kim Fowley was very busy in FILM-RECORDING and PRINT in concluding his 2004 activities.


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