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2006: More Victories/More Triumphs


Kim is mentioned in these books currently in book stores


Kim Fowley celebrated Christmas Eve 06 when Jim Freek of Teenacide called to inform Kim that he had two songs as a co-writer on KISS ALIVE!

Box set (4 discs, Island)

Mr. Freek went on to dazzle Kim with additional good news that there are two Kim Fowley tracks, "Objects" and "Freak Trim" on the new Frank Zappa audio documentary package, The Mofo Project Object

(Zappa Records)

Kim's response: "Hooray for catalog!"

Adriana Holodoll IS the Female Co-Star of PINK CEMENT.

In the tradition of Cameron Diaz/Jennifer Aniston in Jim Carrey's comedy vehicles, ACE VENTURA and BRUCE ALMIGHTY, Adriana plays the Femme Fatale in the Monster Love Story..that IS PINK CEMENT.

Final Cut should be completed in mid-January '07.

Nuclear Frankenstein and His Leading Lady = Ready to Rock!

On Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, you can hear the Bellrays guesting on DJ Kim Fowley's weekend show on Underground Garage 25 / Sirius Satellite Radio.

Happy New Year Everybody!


KISSOLOGY: THE ULTIMATE KISS COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, '74-'78 (VH1 Classic/Universal Music & Video Distribution) has gone to ..1 on the Top Music Video Chart in Billboard Magazine.

This fast-selling holiday/end-of-the-year Gift Item features two Kim Fowley co-written songs:

King of the Nighttime World
Do You Love Me

Kim Fowley, fresh from his bout with censorship/sabotage on his Pink Cement aka Outlaws in America
Experimental Film Project...
Goes West to Pass On the Stress
November 6 - November 27, 2006.

Kim will journey to such exotic locales as Malibu, California and Tinseltown, USA to do Visual EFX/Post Production on Pink Cement.

Kim's Friends & Supporters are rallying behind his right to make a "Modern Monster Movie." Fan Club/Fanzine Diva, Nancy Sands attended Paper cut/Offline editing sessions @ the Edge of the California Desert and describes Pink Cement as Rocky Horror Show Meets Porky's in the 21st Century.

Additionally, Kim Fowley will be blending with the following events to amuse/enrich himself and let his numerous enemies know that the Crimson Dirt Machine Can't Be Stopped on The Road To Glory

Kim begins work on his next audio album, DARKNESS AND DECAY which spotlights such works-in-progress songs as "The Crooked Mirror," "Grotesque," "Lost Paradise," "Telephone Girls," and the DOR single, "Pleasure and Pain."

Kim-Mania is contributing to the Underground Night Club Guidebook: Cafe Domino Versus The Adonis Lounge: The Night World of the Nameless.

Mr. Fowley is a contestant on the Cable TV Show Pilot: PYRAMID.

Kim Fowley is an Investment Partner in the new Lesbian Clothing Line.... GIRLFRIENDS.

Kim Fowley is also investing in the launch of the Feminist Fanzine, HOT SISTERS.

Kim is also endorsing the Metrosexual Online Magazine, DOLL BOY.

By the time you read this, Kim Fowley will have attended Love Is All @ the Echo in Silverlake (Nov. 3, 06). Their debut West Coast Club gig is to celebrate their Maxi-single release on EMI/Parlophone (UK). The disc features a Kim Fowley-penned B-side plus liner notes.

Kim is enjoying the recent release of his songs on newly-released product by The Byrds, Love Is All, Slumber Party, The Witches, The Gore Gore Girls, and Hammond Gamble.

Gore Gore Girls

Slumber Party

The Witches

Kim's Comedy Caper, "Jukebox California" was well received last week @ the ITT Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Other films by or about Julien Temple, Leonard Cohen and the Police (Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers) were also on the Program.

Production Still from Jukebox California


Kim with Martin Corrigan and the Irish Puppets

Kim Fowley updated his myspace music player with New Music.

Selections are:
Outlaws in America, from the controversial and recently censored/sabotaged movie, Pink Cement. Pictured on MySpace are Kim with Lenora Claire, a featured actress in Pink Cement.

Love Bomb, a Fowley classic. Pictured on MySpace is Pink Cement actress Adriana Holodoll.

Bleeding Trees, a white trash epic. Pictured with Kim on MySpace are members of the Nashville, TN rock n roll band The Shazam. Guitarist Jeremy Ashbrock is featured in Pink Cement.

Born to Make You Cry, photographed in New Orleans, Kim appears with Marilyn Manson on MySpace.


PINK CEMENT is the next step in cinema after Barfly and the last Frankenstein movie..PINK CEMENT is Hard Core/Fun-Filled/Left of Center/ Fright Night in the Day Light..

PINK CEMENT is the Disturbing Kim Fowley movie/creative feature for the Mutants of the Midway..for the Bored, Tormented, and the Over-heated - filmed on location in Neon Babylon, Hollywood, USA, Beverly Hills, and Siberia-with-Sand-Dunes.

Devilish dialogue, moronic monologue and a terrifying travelogue set the mood for the interlude of the crude, the nude, the rude, and the sexual multitudes.

PINK CEMENT stars Kim Fowley and soon-to-be-announced Devil Dolls, Drunken Sailors, Tinseltown Tailors, and Modern Mannequins.

PINK CEMENT is currently @ the start of editing process in the depths of the West San Fernando Valley...

Clint M., born in Houston, educated in Tokyo and Nashville, is the Editor of this Super Expensive Product which features many cameras and a tech support crew the size of a small country and Special EFX that make The Creation of the Universe seem like a home movie.

Clint M. avoided film school by absorbing how Nature was conceived and edited by a Higher Force during his exploratory stints in Thailand (ex-Siam), Indonesia, and Australia.

Also in the Editing Room with Clint and Kim is Theresa Kereakes, a PINK CEMENT co-director, camera goddess and Editorial Dominatrix.

Theresa also has voice over contributions in the French language and in California English. Theresa invokes the memories of Hedda Hopper, Dorothy Parker and Louella O. Parsons.

The Music of PINK CEMENT is from such music hot spots as London, Nashville, Glasgow, Darlington UK, Loma Linda, CA, Memphis, Louisiana, Tucson, Vienna, Liverpool and Silverlake. The PINK CEMENT soundtrack promises to be one of this decade's Biggest Blockbusters!

The PINK CEMENT Merchandising Campaign is up and running. Action Figures, Lunch Boxes and Pillow Cases are already in Prototype Development.

PINK CEMENT -- The Big Movie For the Bad & Bold Generation -- is about to Rock the Concrete Nation.


PINK CEMENT creator, Kim Fowley is interviewed at length in the October 2006 issue of Bizarre Magazine.

"Frankenstein Meets Porkys!" --- Jimmy Jukebox, Neon News

"Kim Fowley is the new Ed Wood." --- Lance Romance, Planet Kim International Fan Club

Stay tuned.

KIM FOWLEY is a ladies man. Read all about it on his October 6th, 2006 MySpace BLOG...


Kim Fowley has been putting finishing touches on his future Underground Film classic, "Pink Cement." Recent scenes featured Lenora Claire of Frontier Magazine, Adrianna of Alien Showgirls, and Hollywood Performance Artist Abby Travis.

Abby invited Kim to guest on her podcast of September 24, 2006.

The results have been electrifying. But @ the same time, certain conservative elements of the USA music scene have yelled, "Disgusting, ridiculous and unnecessary." YOU BE THE JUDGE... See for yourself! Abby Travis podcast

Hipsters, scenemakers from West Coast Babylon to Northeast England have hollered "genius!" (ie: Morley from Dramarama)

October 12, 06 is the newsstand date of the Bizarre Magazine (UK) 4-page feature on Kim. The article promises to be BOTH outrageous and controversial in content and presentation.


Spanish subtitles have been added to Kim's movie about Small Town USA, Jukebox California. The last weekend in October in Barcelona where the movie is being shown, promises to be a festival highlight. (refer to previous blogs for more details)

Kim's co-production with Graeme Robinson (Circulation Sound Recordings/Darlington UK) and Maria Baglien (Lo-Fi Studios/Loma Linda, CA) of Frogma begins November 24, 06.

Guest musicians feature Chris Darrow (Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Ben Harper, Kaleidoscope), John York (Byrds, circa Easy Rider) and Patrick Brayer (Allison Kraus, Reba McIntire). Pat currently has a song on the latest Alan Jackson album.



Frogma are a modern variation / version of Fairport Convention on a Steel Eye Span level. Think 21st Century versions of Sandy Denny and Mandy Pryor flanking a more prolific Peter Yarrow. Frogma hail from Newcastle, UK and are a joy to behold.. their vocal blend is astonishing.

Kim reminds you that his Folk Music credits include: co-writing stints with Cat Stevens, The Seekers, The Byrds; songs covered by Warren Zevon, Kris Kristofferson, Flying Burrito Brothers; and background vocals with Gram Parsons (GP) and Leo Kottke (singing as "The Jukebox Phantom" on Kottke's debut album, "Mud Lark.") Notably, Bob Dylan and John Renbourn both played guitar for Kim in two separate unexpected live performances .. 1965 for Dylan and 1966 for Renbourn.

Kim continued his Music For TV "ride" with Additional Sales on the "Friends" DVD Package.

On January 24, 2006, "The Tomorrow Show: Punk and New Wave" [Shout Factory] was released to Media and Market Place acclaim. The Tom Snyder Late Night NBC Series Re-Package features On Air Interviews with Elvis Costello-The Ramones-Joan Jett-Paul Weller-and Kim Fowley.

Kim continues his Film Music Adventures with Vocal Performances/Co-Writing/Co-Publishing and Co-Production Contributions to "The Hawk is Dying" Soundtrack [Antidote International Films, Inc.]. Hawk stars Paul Giamatti who was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor Category [2005] for Cinderella Man.


Kim licensed self-published music for ELP "At The Isle of Wight" [Eagle Rock Entertainment].

Kim received word that a Co-Written/Produced Sound Recording has been approved for the Final Cut of "RV" [Sony Pictures], starring Robin Williams.

On March 15, 2006, Kim's show on Sirius Satellite Radio/Underground Garage 25 was renewed until February '07, after 83 straight shows. Kim is currently enjoying heavy e-mail requests and has recently featured In-Studio Guests and On-the-Air Telephone Interviews. E-mail Kim @ for more information.

And now you can HEAR streaming internet broadcasts by clicking the link below!


Kim's Film Experiment, Jukebox California, is currently making the Film Festival Circuit with enthusiastic results!

Kim's Next Film Project about gangster puppets is "Outlaws in America". Principal Photography has been completed in Hollywood, California and the Stunt Segments/Snowstorm Segments are currently being done in Big Bear Lake and Pioneer Town.

Kim's Next Film Statement about the Magical Relationships between Humans and Animals starts in late Spring '06. Fowley is currently in Pre-Production.

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