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2007: Kim Fowley Goes Hollywood

December 28, 2007

page fowley plant
Jimmy Page, Kim Fowley, Robert Plant


It's documented on my various blogs here and on The Real Kim Fowley myspace.

But Kim wasn't the only one who did well in 2007, his friends Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came back strong in 07 with The Return of Led Zeppelin.

Kim recorded with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as a singer in 1964. The project was Bo & Peep. Jimmy, John Paul and Kim were part of the Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra. The song was Rise of the Brighton Surf.

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were also in the backing group in 1966 when Kim recorded Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love" for famed Brit-Invasion record producer Mickie Most.



KISSOLOGY 3 was released in the Retail Market Place on December 18, 2007, just in time for Christmas.

It boasts 2 KF co-writes with KISS: Do You Love Me and King of the Night Time World.

KISSOLOGY 1 and 2 EACH went to NUMBER 1 on the Billboard Music DVD Charts in 2006 and 2007.

The Late Great Tony Wilson

"2007 was the year Tony Wilson left Planet Earth.

He was a friend of mine.

Tony, founder of Factory Records (UK) and the mentor of Joy Division, New Order and The Happy Mondays; the Founder of the Hacienda and In The City... hired me to produce the Space Monkeys in 1996 for Factory Records.

Thanks for the friendship Tony... you will be missed."

- - - Kim Fowley


action howlies 2

The Howlies, Atlanta's hottest new unsigned band have joined the cast of Kim's newest experimental movie (work in progress: Satan of Silverlake).

Meanwhile, Kim's Master Work, Dollboy The Movie can be viewed on Youtube (click on the photo below) where its about to surpass 30,000 views in the last 4 weeks!

The Dollboy Channel on Youtube

Summer & Debbie-Lovebirds

Cick the photo, and be transported to the DOLLBOY Channel where you can view footage that is much too racy for Kim's pages on myspace!!


Kim Fowley starts his New Years party circuit at the Bondage Ball held this year on Hollywood Blvd.'s Music Box Theatre...

Happy New Year Everybody!

Love the One You're With.

Let's have a Party. Every Night in 2008!!


fowley SOS



December 20 , 2007

windmills at sunset



On the weekend of December 14, Kim Fowley journeyed to the Hague, Holland where he was Master of Ceremonies for the State-X Festival.

State-X headliners were Aphex Twin and Mogwai.

aphex twin mogwai4

On Saturday, Kim Fowley was featured in the PlayLab section of State-X fronting Devil Train, NL.

Besides KF, the Devil Train, NL members were:

Paul La Brecque (guitar/Belgium),
Rik De Mare (organ & guitar/Holland),
Heyme Baaw (drums/Holland), and
DJ Raedawn (guitar & Digi Thing-a-magig/Brooklyn, USA).

The Bootleggers were out in force recording the entire set in full view of the State-X audience.

Kim's suggested title for their bootleg is:

The Saturday Set List (12/15/07) was:
Goin Back to Rotterdam
Solid Gold Cadillac
From Holland 2 Hollywood
Cold December
Dead Telephone
Wish I Wuz A Lesbian
Ugly Love
Rubber Man
Back 2 Back
From Holland 2 Hollywood (Again)




Soul Legend Bobby Womack has requested KF to send him his latest R&B songs. Bobby currently has material in American Gangster.

Kim has known Bobby since the Sam Cooke / J.W. Alexander / SAR Records days & the offices of legendary Hollywood Music Attorney Walter E. Hurst.

Other clients included Eddie Cochran and Jack Nitzsche.

nitzsche for kf
Jack Nitzsche, 1980

Fowley worked @ Motown (West Coast Promo), wrote lyrics for the last Leon Russell chart album, Americana. Kim Fowley also lived in New Orleans for 5 years where he was a client of the E E & P Law Firm whose clients included Earl King and Wardell Quezerque.

Kim was mentored by Paul Gayten (Chess Records) and appeared as an opening act for the Miracles (Upbeat), Gene "Duke of Earl" Chandler, and Shirley "Nitty Gritty" Ellis (@ Atlantic Steel Peer).


This season is all about THE PARTY. Holiday parties, house parties, crashing parties, etc. Its all about BE THERE or BE SQUARE.

Merry Xmas!!...
Look for the Magic in the Music...



December 14, 2007

Kim Fowley Returns to Holland.

windmill tulips

Kim Fowley by popular demand has returned to Holland to appear at The State X Festival / Playlab on 14 and 15 December in The Hague.

Kim was last in Holland at the Primitive Festival in Rotterdam and looks forward to seeing his friends and admirers.

KF New Haircut

Even though Kim is in Holland, he is in a Memphis Mood... inspired by his friend Jack Oblivian... the music performed will have the necessary inner-space glow.

Be Happy!


December 7, 2007

Kim Fowley Contributes to Liner Notes of American Songwriting Legend.

JF album cover

Journalist LP Johnson interviewed KF this week.

Kim told anecdotes about his friend the volatile but brilliant Jim Ford. Ford was a running buddy of Kim and PJ Proby's in Hollywood USA during the pre-Beatles Silver Sixties.

slash KF VU for blog

Kim Fowley Profiled / Mentioned in Two Rock n Roll Books SLASH and The Rough Guide to the Velvet Underground.

Slash, the ex- Guns n Roses guitarist profiles Kim in his autobiography, SLASH. They met in 1986 when Kim moved from Chicago to Hollywood and shared show biz advice with the Gunners.

Kim's work on the Ciao Manhattan soundtrack is spotlighted in the Velvet Underground Book... Dig the poster.

Listen, learn and smile... Stay safe and be happy.


August 31, 2007


Kim Fowley
photo: theresa k./

As we enter the USA Labor Day weekend, you may want to curl up on your waterbed with three (3) books pictured here.

All are a great read.


2 Chapter Mentions
YES, I was produced by Dan & David Kessel for Phil Spector

zevon book

3 Page Mentions
I co-wrote "Wanted: Dead or Alive," sung by Warren Zevon,
who played guitar for me in Salt Lake City
(where I had a local hit, "Bubble Gum")


12 Pages Mentioned
Various singer/songwriter/producer stories.

PS - Coming Attraction:
Keep your eyes peeled for
Punk 365
(Harry N. Abrams Publishing),
due October 07, which features a photograph of
a much younger Kim that Looks Good according to the
Newest Queen of Hollywood, Lenora Claire.
Lenora is the Force behind the upcoming
Tinseltown Launch of Punk 365.
Thanks for the invite, Ms. L = I'll see you @ the party.


Within the pages of Punk 365, you will find the following
Visual Treats by the celebrated Visual Artist, Theresa Kereakes,
who is Director of Photography of that future
Underground Classic, Pink Cement.
(Pink Cement website & trailers)


Mick & Kim
photo: theresa k./


August 25, 2007

Kim Fowley Sidesteps Scotland
for the Hollywood Bowl

KISS Uses Kim's Song

ROTTEN KANDY Launches Nuclear Noize

100 degrees 06
109 degrees in the shade

Hello from the Edge of the California desert. It's 109 Fahrenheit and I'm NOT in cool green Scotland.

In my last communication, I spoke about playing Holland, and then going to Scotland. Well, I played Holland.


Scotland never happened.

Change of plans.

I was invited by DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist to appear with them at the Hollywood Bowl June 24, 07 for BRAIN PLACEMENT: 7 INCHES OF FURY.


Yes, I appeared that Sunday night. Direct from Holland.
I closed the show with Shadow and Chemist.

Cut Chemist

A live DVD from this show is being scheduled for release.

fowley stylized photo

Kim Fowley: Alive in Overdrive = NU HOLLYWOOD BABYLON/SUMMER '07

Kim Fowley and Maria Baglien Produce Muck & the Mires


Muck & the Mires showed up in the sweltering hellhole and Kim and Maria co-produced this modern garage band who shared the stage with me in Holland.

Click on the YouTube Link below to check out the results of the 28 hours it took to record, mix and edit their latest album, HYPNOTIC.

click here if the player doesn't work

Mojo Hendrix cover.indd

Kim Fowley Featured on Page 45 of MOJO Classic, Hendrix and the Summer of Love Issue, "big sleep of naked women, drugs and good times".


KISS Uses KF song for KISSOLOGY 2

Super group KISS have used a Kim Fowley co-written song, "King of the Night Time World" for their latest DVD, released 8/14/07., the Number One Retailer showed these initial
Sales Chart Victories for KISSOLOGY2:

Popular in these categories:

1 in Music > Hard Rock & Metal > Pop Metal
1 in DVD > Music Video & Concerts > Hard Rock & Metal
1 in DVD > Music Video & Concerts > Artists > KISS



Rotten Kandy are my latest musical discovery!

This four-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland and Darlington, England range in age from 18-23.

Fronted by female bassist/singer, Charlotte Pain, ROTTEN KANDY take on 21st century punk rock head on with an attack and vengeance of nuclear noize.

Chaz Does Darlo

Follow this link to their myspace profile so you can see and hear for yourselves.

ROTTEN KANDY are a loud and proud band that may remind their new fans of X Ray Spex, the Adverts, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the darker moments of the Cramps and early, early Doors.

ROTTEN KANDY self arranged and produced their initial recordings all by themselves. They also were self photographed (most of the time).

It continues to be a long, dark, hot Summer.

I'll see you, the EU freak contingent in Manchester @ IN the City with ROTTEN KANDY.

Then its off to Scotland (three months later than announced…)
with ROTTEN KANDY in a Battle Royal on the Streets of Glasgow.


Posted: Tue., Apr. 17, 2007, 8:00pm PT

Runaways head to the bigscreen

Linsons join the Jett set


The '70s teenage band the Runaways has a new gig. Producers Art and John Linson will be bringing their rough and tumble coming-of-age story to the bigscreen in "Neon Angels."

Floria Sigismondi, who directed videos for David Bowie, the White Stripes and Marilyn Manson, will write and direct the drama about girls brought together by Kim Fowley, creating a band that would set the stage for girl groups like the Go-Go's and the Bangles.

The Linsons secured music rights and deals that allow them to tell the stories of members Joan Jett, Cherie Currie and the late Sandy West. An unpublished memoir written by lead singer Curie will be used as a resource for a drama that intends to bare all the drugs, sex and heartache experienced by girls who struggled to be viewed as musicians, not sex kittens with guitars.

"We certainly utilized to our advantage our image as teenage girls who wore titillating clothes," Jett told Daily Variety. "But we also became an excellent band and made it OK for girls to play rock 'n' roll. It got hard once people focused more on what we were wearing than what we were playing."

The group fared better in countries like England, Japan and Scandinavia, and broke up in 1979. Jett went on to solo success.

"Looking back, I loved that period of my life," she said. "Growing up, my fantasy was to play in a rock band, become famous and make a hit record."

Art Linson said the film will be financed independently, which he did recently on the Sean Penn-directed "Into the Wild" and the Robert De Niro starrer "What Just Happened?" That will allow "Neon Angel" to be R-rated and edgy, factors that were important to Jett and Curie.

Jett will be exec producer, along with her longtime manager-producer Kenny Laguna and Brian Young.

Read the full article at:

© 2007 Reed Business Information


Queens Of Noise escape the Vanilla Suburbs

This is my first entry for 2007… some of you friends and enemies may have been wondering what I've been up to. I've been up to surviving in the violent culture of Amerikan Babylon.

Hollywood has seen fit to reproduce 32 years later my co-creation The Runaways for the silver screen… Yes, papers have been signed and I am participating by contributing memory lane / time machine recollections of a MORE Rock & Roll world where every dream was possible.

Stay tuned for MORE news when it becomes available about these tales of the Queens Of Noise and their escape from the vanilla suburbs.


Jukebox California DVD Release U.K. (October '07)

In the Art House Movie category my Co-Directing / Co-Starring debut vehicle Jukebox California is due for DVD-only release in the U.K. in October. Yes folks… I'll be there in all the Meet and Greets / Q&A escapades that go along with the launching of a Feature Film Epic.


Live In Holland

However before I hit the U.K. I will be live in person in Rotterdam, Holland at the Primitive! Dutch International Garage Festival Vol.4, June 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2007. I will be Master Of Ceremonies for this Happening… additionally I will be performing my two Silver Sixties Underworld Classics - The Trip and Bubblegum plus my seldom performed Slime-Ball Anthem NightTrain To Nowhere as well as the audience participation specials Youth Gone Wild / Girl Gone Bad and King Snake Makes Queen Meat Wobble which I am performing at the conclusion of the event with local Dutch strippers… be there or be square to witness New Songs / Rants such as Rattlesnake Hips, Recipe For Disaster, and Run Monkey Run… I HAVE NO SHAME. I'll be performing in suits of course… just call me The Suitcase Pimp. The above performance will be my first public display of Musical Madness since September '04 when I played Las Vegas.


Pink Cement

My Monster Love Story Pink Cement is now completed. My character "Nuclear Frankenstein" participates in a Monster Love Story designed to Surprise and Amaze. We will be putting up the trailers before The Holland Adventure. In the meantime there are some earlier "works in progress" clips available on my official website


The Sequel to Pink Cement

Yes people, I have almost completed the sequel to Pink Cement which is designed to feature my Adventures in Silver Lake / West Hollywood and the Edge of the California Desert. When the Editing / Trailers are completed they will be unleashed on the internet: more grotesque than Pink Cement but just as charming and disarming. I have not provided you with my title yet because its provocative nature could cause you Sleepless Nights and Dizzy Daze.


Ghost Of Scotland

In 1995, Frank MacDonald (Teenage Fan Club) and I wrote Ghost Of Scotland, a song performed on The Beat Room (BBC Scotland). This song has inspired, the working title of my first EU movie experiment, which begins shooting late June '07 in Glasgow, Scotland. Five different Kim Fowley bands will be profiled in this Mockumentary. Principal filming will take place in the House Of Blue Lights. A Band House / Floating Club that will be open to all Party Animals in the Queens Park section of Glasgow.


Sirius Satellite Radio / Underground Garage
Channel 25 Weekend Radio Show

Of course I will continue to broadcast my show every weekend from Glasgow, Scotland via the Edge of the California Desert… transmitted from New York City, USA.


Mad House - Crazy House - Fun House - Band House… it all sounds like fun to me. If you are in either Holland or Scotland drop by and say Hello.


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