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Kim Fowley is either Artist, Producer, Co-Producer, Publisher, Co-Publisher,
Writer, Co-Writer, Publicist-Consultant on the following compilations and reissues:.

Pet Sounds - Because of Kim's Publicist background with Doris Day-Marty Melcher, The Beach Boys Press Officer Derek Taylor commissioned Kim to deliver John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Keith Moon of The Who, Dave Clark, Marianne Faithful, and The Merseys to Beach Boy Bruce Johnston's hotel room to hear an advance copy of this Brian Wilson masterwork... Reference Page 34-35: The Making Of Pet Sounds Booklet {included in Box Set}
Nuggets - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher One Song
Cowabunga - Producer, Co-Writer Co-Publisher
Alice Cooper - Disc Two - Co-Writer One Song
The Seeds -Evilhoodoo
The Mothers of Invention - Freak Out
The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll -Hard-to-Get Hot 100 Hits from 1954-63
Born To Be Wild - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (Ascension Records/Australia)


The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll - Hot 100 Hits from 1954-63
Kim Fowley - Hotel Insomnia
Motor City's Burnin' - Vol. 2
Rare West Coast SURF Instrumentals - Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer of 2 songs by The Lancasters featuring Ritchie Blackmore.
The Warmth Of The Sun - Songs Inspired by the Beach Boys - Co-Writer One Song
West Coast Experimental Band - Volume One
Sing Don't Sign - Co-Writer, Mixer One Song
Fit To Be Tied - Co-Writer One Song
Ghettoblaster - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher Two Songs
Vintage Rays - Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher Eight Songs
Kim Fowley - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician
Kim Fowley - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician
Straight Outta Burbank - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher One Song
Wasted Tasters 1971-75 - Co-Writer One Song
Only In America - Artist, Producer, Co-Writer One Song
Marilyn/Alive Comp. - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer One Song
Sountrack Jams - Composer, Publisher One Song
Trash Box - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer Two Songs


Uncut's Guide Volume 8 - Artist, Publisher, Writer, Producer One Song
Stiv Bators - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher Two Songs
Steel Breeze - "You Don't Want Me Anymore" - Producer
Disel - "Sausalito Summernight" - U.S.A. Override Share for placing master plus U.S.A. Co-Manager for tour with Grand Funk Railroad and Triumph.
Hollywood Confidential - Writer, Publisher, Producer

ARTIST Re-Issue Label Credit
CHEAP TRICK SEX AMERICA Epic/Legacy Kim credited in the liner notes as: Informal Career Consultant (early 90's).
SLADE THE GENESIS OF SLADE TMC-UK Kim producer of five songs on the album (Recorded 1966, Reissued 1996).
CHERIE & MARIE CURRIE YOUNG AND WILD Raven/AUST Kim was Co-Producer of ten songs on the album (Recorded 1977, Reissued 1997).
JOAN JETT FIT TO BE TIED Mercury Kim co-wrote one song on the album (1997).
JOE & EDDIE THE BEST OF JOE & EDDIE GNP/Crescendo Kim wrote one song (Recorded 1954, Reissued 1997).
HELEN REDDY HELEN REDDY'S GREATEST HITS (and more) Capitol Kim co-produced two songs and co-wrote one song.
VARIOUS TRASH BOX Hit Records-UK Kim was artist, producer, and Co-Writer of two songs on the album.
VARIOUS STEEL BREEZE Renaissance/BMG Kim produced the album which included two of his top 30 hits in 1982-1983 (re-issued 1997).
STIV BATORS LA LA Bomp Ex lead singer of The Dead Boys/Lords of The New Church in two separate performances Co-Written by Kim Fowley. Co-produced by Jimmy Pursey of Sham '69.
IGGY POP, MITCH RYDER, QUESTION MARK AND THE MYSTERIANS and others MOTOR CITY IS BURNING Total Energy Features a track Co-Written by Kim and performed by Ten High (1988).
SUNRAYS VINTAGE RAYS Collectibles Six songs co-produced by Kim; five songs Co-Written by Kim appear on this package (1996).
PHIL SPECTOR 74-79 Polydor/UK Re-issue of Phil Spector productions of artists such as Cher, Dion, Nilsson, Darlene Love, and Kim Fowley.
KIM FOWLEY OUTLAW SUPERMAN, UNDERGROUND ANIMAL The Dionysis Empire Forty-three cuts with Kim as artist (late 1960's early 1970's) released in the USA (1997).
BYRDS BYRD PARTS Raven/AUST Released in Australia in 1997 with one Kim Co-Written song.
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE WASTED TASTERS Raven/AUST Released in Australia with one Kim Co-Written song (1995).
GENE VINCENT THE BOP THEY COULDN'T STOP Magnum Force/UK Released again (8th time) in 1995, produced by Kim Fowley.
THEM BELFAST GYPSIES Sonet/Legendary Master Series Vinyl only reissue of album co-produced by Kim Fowley (mid 1980's).
SOFT MACHINE TRIPLE ECHO Harvest/UK One track produced by Kim (1970).
B. BUMBLE AND THE STINGERS GOLDEN CLASSIC COLLECTIONS Collectibles/Ace Both companies issue this album in the USA and UK with one Kim written song.
VARIOUS TROUBLE MAKERS Warner Brothers Features two Kim Fowley songs produced by the Modern Lovers featuring Jonathon Richmond. Other artists on the package include The Sex Pistols, Devo, and The Gang of Four (1980).
RICHIE VALENS, PROFESSOR LONGHAIR, CHRIS KENNER, SHIRLEY AND LEE, THE HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES, LEE DIAMOND and others THE SUE STORY Island Kim Fowley's Co-Production of "Sho' Know A Lot About Love" By the Hollywood Argyles is contained on this package (1963).


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