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MICHIGAN BABYLON: Features members of such pre-White Stripes era Detroit underground entities as : Outrageous Cherry - The Witches- Detroit Cobras - Volebeats - Ghost World aka Alphabet and Robert McCreedy. Lead vocals = Kim Fowley.

The sessions were recorded and engineered by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, in the Cass Corridor... Behind the infamous State Theater, where Kid Rock got his recording deal with Lava / Atlantic Records (Michigan Babylon: Produced and Directed by Kim Fowley and Matthew Smith.

Jim Diamond engineered recordings by White Stripes and Electric Six since the Michigan Babylon sessions of Summer 1997.

CULTURE OF DESPAIR: Is the "Unplugged Byrds - Gram Parsons Music Moment" sung by Kim Fowley on a Hunter S. Thompson - William S. Burroughs level. Kim worked with both The Byrds and Gram Parsons: See  The session was engineered by John Nash ( Ghost World AKA Alphabet...Who has just become the newest member of Electric Six.

During the break in recording, Kim sang with the visiting Detroit - Tokyo Underground Cult Faves Godzuki on 2 bonus tracks: Bonnie Is A Basket Case and I Love Science. These spontaneous recordings are currently making the rounds on the Bootleg - Unauthorized Release Circuit (Culture Of Despair/Godzuki 2 Songs Produced and Directed by Kim Fowley - Matthew Smith - John Nash).

RIOT IN DETROIT (LIVE ALBUM @ THE MAGIC STICK): Several of the musicians from both Michigan Babylon/Culture Of Despair joined Special Guests: Andre Williams and Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) at Detroit's notorious Magic Stick. In the second hour of the live album being recorded by Jim Diamond (Ghetto Recorders)... A genuine Rock And Roll riot broke out on stage, featuring the above mentioned musicians - Kim Fowley - and Detroit Cobras members. Even MOJO Magazine scribe Ben Edmonds was there.

In early 2003, BBC Radio (London), Broadcast a "Violence In Rock Music Documentary" and conducted an interview with Detroit Cobras members who discussed "The Riot." Kim's Recording of Outrageous was featured in the background during the interview. The Riot in Detroit Album remains unmixed and currently resides in the Ghetto Recorder's Vault.

Michigan Babylon sold out it's initial pressings on Detroit Electric. The CD has become a sot after item by members of Sonic Youth - Sound Track Of Our Lives- And allegedly, 2 members of Sound Garden. These 3 separate Hard Rock Curiosity Seekers / Record Collectors requested copies from Co-Producer Matt Smith when they visited Detroit.

2 tracks from Michigan Babylon found their way on to GHETTO BLASTER: A DETROIT SAMPLER 1997: VOLUME 1 which appeared on MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS. This pressing also Sold Out! The other artist on the compilation: Dirtbombs - The Witches - Outrageous Cherry - The Hentchmen - Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon - The Dirtys - Bantam Rooster - Newwaylovemachine - The Volebeats - The Clutters - Mark Morris.

During Kim's Summer 1997 Detroit Recording Sessions - Live concert with Riot - Press and Radio Interviews, he hooked up with Wendy Case, Detroit News writer, Who was formulating her plans to start The Paybacks = Currently a Little Steven Underground Fave (MOJO July 03. Like Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Wendy Writes- Plays - Sings . Wendy has recorded 2 Kim Fowley songs: Born To Make You Cry and Underground Lady in her previous band: Ten High.

Kim also found time to meet Aliccia Berg, who was forming an all girl band in Matt Smith's kitchen. Kim suggested she name the group: Slumber Party. The name stuck and got used. Slumber Party's Matt Smith produced recorded music appeared on both Kill Rock Stars Records and the soundtrack of The Gilmore Girls (Warner Bros. TV Network = AKA The WB).

Kim also sang a song about the Detroit Redwings on The Liz Copeland Show ( WDET- FM Detroit) Liz appeared as a musician 2 days later on Michigan Babylon.

Matt Smith Produced The Go for Sub Pop. The Go recorded Kim's song Bubblegum... Which was also recorded by Sonic Youth (EVOL Album) Jack White was a member of The Go. Matt sent various songs by The Go to Kim, to pass on to The Powers To Be for use on the Detroit Rock City Soundtrack. The Go songs didn't get used... but the Joan Jett - Kim Fowley song School Days was used in the movie built around the legend of Kiss. The artist that performed School Days were The Runaways produced by Kim Fowley.

Kim Fowley recommended to Alan McGee and Joe Foster @ Poptones that they speak to Matt Smith about signing unknown Rock Bands from Detroit. Kim's suggestion was taken.. and Poptones signed Outrageous Cherry - Ghost World AKA Alphabet - Slumber Party and Denise James.

Kim first attracted Detroit attention in 1960! .... When Berry Gordy, Jr. hired Kim to do West Coast Publicity and Promotion for Motown Records.

Kim later attracted the attention of Barry Kramer - Lester Bangs - Ben Edmonds of Creem Magazine in the early 70's. Between Kim's Motown job for Berry Gordy and helping Iggy Pop select musicians for after a Raw Power band project (IE Tornado Turner), Kim's Outrageous Album also caught the ear of Ted Nugent. Iggy, when he was still Jim Osterburg, appreciated Kim's Production - Co-written Song Secret Police by The Belfast Gypsies AKA Them.

Ted Nugent met Kim at the Rainbow (Hollywood) and expressed curiosity and interest in the guitar sounds of The Runaways. Kim performed live at Belle Isle in the early 70's and on CKLW-TV : Robin Seymour (1968) Kim was invited on stage by the MC 5 at the Teenage Fair (Hollywood Palladium).. But Kim had already left the building with his date that evening: Michelle Phillips of The Mamas And Papas.

Cub Koda and Brownsville Station (Smoking In The Boy's Room) attended the Whisky A Go Go (Hollywood) to lend support to The Hollywood Stars, a Kim Co-managed band creation, who also recorded KF CO-written songs later recorded by Kiss - Alice Cooper - Runaways - BTO - Stepmothers - Nirvana. Kim Fowley and David Carr Exec Produced / Remixed I Think We're Alone Now by Relation Inc. (Burmingham Michigan), who had a Dance Floor - Regional Hit in the Mid West.

Kim is still Producing unsigned Detroit area Artists. His most recent 2003 project has been Andrea Rivers demos.

Detroit and Kim Fowley have always been good to each other... as Troy Gregory told Matt Smith in May 2003: "THE DETROIT SCENE TURNED AROUND AFTER KIM FOWLEY'S 1997 VISIT. HE WAS THE FIRST PERSON FROM THE OUTSIDE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MUSIC.

GOALS: Michigan Babylon - Culture Of Despair - Riot In Detroit = NEED WORLD WIDE DISTRIBUTION! CONTACT (E-mail:

PS: Riot video footage available for potential DVD. Also available is the infamous Kim Fowley Radio Interview conducted by the late Detroit AM Radio Legend: Dave Dixon.

Michelle Phillips (Mama's & Papa's) and Kim: At the Teenage Fair for the west coast debut of The MC 5.

Kim performed to a Sold Out house... Andre Williams came on stage and jammed... Kim and his band performed a Surf Instrumental and a riot started... a great Rock & Roll night captured by three separate video cameras.


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