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Big Momma's House - Composer, Publisher One Song
American Graffiti - Producer Of New Music Sequences
Detroit Rock City - Producer, Co-Writer One Song
Welcome To My Nightmare - Co-Writer One Song
Detroit Rock City - Producer, Co-Writer One Song
KISS The Second Coming - Co-Writer One Song
Dazed and Confused - Producer, Co-Writer One Song
Butcher Boy - Composer, Publisher One Song

Sweet Underground - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher with Ben Vaughn
The Beat Room BBC - Actor, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher
Slam Jams - Producer, Co-Writer One Song
Let's Play II - Co-Writer One Song
Kim Fowley & Bunny Wailer - MTV U.K. 1988
Kim Fowley, the missing link between Orson Wells and the Scarecrow of Oz

The Beat Room - Writer, Publisher, Performer

This section of Kim's Musical Activities is the fastest growing segment of his current career... he's currently in the studio working on two soundtracks and when he comes out we will be updating you on the stuff you know about that isn't listed. Keep in mind Kim has lived and created in 38 USA cities and 22 additional countries since 1964... for example: 1995 - 1996 Kim blasted through 10 cities and 8 countries; sometimes the music gets used... and he hears about it last. There is a bit of inconsistency here in the coordination between use - license - legal response - actual transmission/release dates: stay tuned...

PROJECT NAME Category Studio/Director Contribution
(1973) American Graffiti Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Universal/George Lucas Producer Of New Music Sequences (3)
(1974) Puberty Blues Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical Australia Bruce Beresford Co-Writer One Song
(1995) Dazed and Confused Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Polygram Classics/Richard Linklater Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1972) Ciao Manhattan (Edie Sedgewick Story) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA   Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1997) The Butcher Boy Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical Ireland Warner Bros.-Geffen Pictures/Neil Jordan Composer, Publisher One Song
(1998) Late Last Night Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Trilon Pictures/Emelio Estevez Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1959) Ghost of Drag Strip Hollow Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA American International Pictures Producer Two Songs
(1996) Poisoners Hand Book Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical U.K. Virgin Composer, Publisher One Song
(1997) The Highlanders TV/Syndicated   Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1974) Wide World Entertainment TV Sports Special ABC-TV Music Supervisor
(1991) Sweet Poison TV Movie USA-TV Producer, Co-Writer Two Songs
(1999)Detroit Rock City Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA New Line Cinema Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1976) Eve Diary of a Runaway TV Movie NBC Producer Co-Writer One Song
(1998) Back Stage Pass (with Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Tina Turner) CD ROM Roadshow USA Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer One Song
(1999) Sweet Underground (with Maurice Chavalier, Fat Boy Slim, Tindersticks) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Inde/USA/Dorsay Alavi Co-Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher with Ben Vaughn (One Song)
(1998) Mayor of Sunset Strip (with David Bowie, Cher) Motion Picture Documentary - Theatrical USA George H. Actor/Interview Subject
(1978) Sgt. Pepper (with Peter Frampton, Bee Gees) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Robert Stigwood Actor = look for Kim in the grandstand finale scene between Peter Allen and Dame Edna behind Frankie Valli
(1988) MTV Europe (with Talking Heads/Bunny Wailer) TV Show U.K.


Interview Subject
(1985) Discovery Network (with Rick Danko, Byrds) TV Show USA Discovery Network On-Camera Interviewer
(1994) Current Affair (The Death of Kurt Cobain) TV Special USA NBC Interview Subject
(1988) Night Network TV Show U.K. Night Network Interview Subject
(1998) Skychannel TV Show U.K. Skychannel Interview Subject
(1966) Ready-Steady-Go (with Troggs Small Faces Los Bravos) TV Show U.K. Redifusion Vocalist singing "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha"... later to be Number One in Denmark and New Zealand
(1985) Channel 56 (Coca-Cola Sponsored Kids Show) TV Show USA Channel 56 - Orange County, California... same station as Wally George Co-Master Of Ceremonies (various shows)
(1997) Pop Odyssey TV Music Special Germany ZDF (with Brian Wilson, Jan & Dean and other West Coast music types) Interview Subject, Vocalist, Co-Writer (Two Songs)
(1999) E! True Hollywood Story - Sunset Strip TV Documentary USA E! Entertainment Television Interview Subject
(1999) E! TV - "Tribute to Sony Bono" TV Documentary USA E! Entertainment Television Interview Subject
(2000) Behind the Music segment - "Allan Freed" TV Documentary USA VH1 Television Interview Subject
(2000) Behind the Music segment - "Bad Girls" TV Documentary USA VH1 Television Interview Subject
(2000) Big Momma's House Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA 20th Century Fox Composer, Publisher (One Song)
(1999) The Beat Room TV Music Specials U.K. BBC Choice Actor, Singer, Writer (Dialog), Co-Writer (Music), Co-Publisher (Three Shows)
(1998) Slam Jams Sports Music Soundtrack (originated in Madison Square Garden by Sequencer Of Song Selection) Tommy Boy Records Producer, Co-Writer (One Song)
(1999/2000) Freaks And Geeks TV Show USA NBC/Fox Family Co-Writer (One Song)
(1993) Baseball's Greatest Hits - Let's Play II Sports Music Soundtrack Rhino Co-Writer (One Song)

(1985) 7HT - Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Radio   Kim was a regular Radio Morning Show Personality and Co-Host of the Saturday Oldies show
(1984) EON-FM-Melbourne, Australia Radio  

Kim was Drive-Time/ America correspondent for 22 weeks. Among his duties was doing "colour" for the 84 Olympics in Los Angeles.

(95-96) Johnnie Walker (London) and Mark Radcliffe Shows ( Dublin) Radio GLR/BBC Interview Subject
(95-96) Mike Maloney and Debbie Skow program (Dublin) Radio


Interview Subject

(95-96) Kim has been a featured guest on Radio in Belgium, Holland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain and American Samoa
Kim, as a touring live music performer has been an "Interview Subject" on stations in the top 35 USA radio markets
Kim got his start as "Food Runner" and "Programming Assistant" for the late Alan Freed (KDAY/Los Angeles) in late 1959 and early 1960
Kim's first nightly gigs were on KGEM, Boise, Idaho where he was "The Voice Of The Treasure Valley." He was broadcast 5 nights a week from the Howdy Partner Drive-In (Summer of 1959)
Kim has had music used by the Pairs Skating Teams of both England and the USA for two separate Winter Olympic Games
Kim had his music used by the Romanian Gymnastic Team at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta (1996)
Other Kim Fowley compositions have been used by the Boston Bruins, ESPN and the Jock Jam series on Tommy Boy Records as well as selections on "Base Ball's" Greatest Hits (Volume 2 - Rhino/Atlantic) and Winter Sports Music on both Collectibles and Rhino/Atlantic
FLASH: (2001) Kim guests on Court TV the week John Phillips dies to discuss aspects of his life and career in the Mamas & Papas.


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