Kim Fowley

Folk Rock, Country Rock and Country Music

Kim Fowley either Wrote, Co-Wrote, Published, Co-Published, Produced or Co-Produced or provided "blan "blah" for the following items:

Gram Parsons - Background "blah blah" One Song
Danny O'Flaherty - Co-Producer, Writer, Publisher
Multiple Songs
Cat Stevens - Co-Writer One Song
Joe & Eddie - Writer One Song
The Byrds - Co-Writer Two Songs
Byrd Parts - Co-Writer One Song
The Best Of The Byrds - Co-Writer Two Songs
History of The Byrds - Co-Writer Two Songs
Different Addition of The Best Of The Byrds
Sorrowful Jones - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher Two Songs
The Twigs - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher One Song
Zevon - Co-Writer One Song
Georgy Girl - Co-Writer One Song
GAVIN Radio Sweethearts - Producer

Artist Label Credits
THE BYRDS CBS/Columbia/Sony Co-Wrote songs on "Untitled Byrdmaniax", "Further Along" "Byrds Greatest Hits Volume 2" and "History of the Byrds". (1979-1984)
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE CBS/Columbia/Sony Co-Wrote songs on three different NRPS albums that included such songs as "On the Amazon" and "Neon Rose". (1984-1987)
FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS Relix Kim has two songs on the last live album. (1988)
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Mercury "Michocan" becomes the last single on Mercury. Kim Co-Writes Doug Sahm and Augie Meyer later form Texas Tornados and have more success on Warner Brothers. (1970)
LEON RUSSELL Paradise/Warner Brothers Kim Co-Writes eight songs on Leon Russell's last USA Chart Album that is released in 1978. Two songs form the album are later covered by Wayne Newton and Mary Balin.
GRAM PARSONS Reprise Invites Kim to do background noise on "Grievous Angel". (1973)
LEO KOTTKE Capitol Also invites Kim to Co-Write and Sing under the name Juke Box Phantom; "Monkey Lust" on the album "Mud Lark". (1971)
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA Capitol Gave the world Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Kim Fowley Co-Produced Bakersfield's Bonnie Owens and Bill Woods in 1960 at least 25 years before Dwight Yokum went there to find the truth about the West Coast Nashville.
JOE AND EDDIE GNP/Crescendo Record Kim's arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun". (1965)
ROSE GARDEN ATCO Record "Flower Town" Co-Written by Kim Fowley on the flip side of their top 20 hit "Next Plane to London". (1967)
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON Columbia/CBS/Sony Releases the album "Shake Hands with the Devil" that features a Kim Co-Written song "Michoican". (1970)
GENE VINCENT Dandelion/Elektra Produced by Kim Fowley on his comeback album "I'm Back and I'm Proud". (1969). The album has been reissued eight times in the last 30 years. Kim was one of only seven producers who produced Gene in his lifetime. Gene Vincent was voted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in January 1998.
CAT STEVENS Deram/Polygram Kim Co-Wrote "Portobello Road" on "Matthew & Son". (1966).
SORROWFUL JONES CD "Absence" on Gavin Country Charts as a radio only released with two songs Co-Written by Kim. (1997)


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