Kim Fowley

Lost Treasures
[letters... photos... souvenirs... historical documents]
Found in Hollywood/New Orleans/Dublin & Vienna Storage Units.

Kim however is still missing 600 pounds of photos, documents and recordings
that only Glenn A. Baker knows the whereabouts of. If any of you see Glenn in
Sidney Australia tell him to cause the return of these lost items.

Cher, Kim Fowley and Steven T. of Venus And The Razorblades talking shop in the early 70's.

Wolfman Jack & Kim Fowley pictured at the premier of "American Graffiti." The late Wolfman
was an actor in the film. Kim produced the (3) new music sequences.

Jacki deShannon once sung with The Murmaids under the name The Lady Bugs on
Chattahochee Records 1964. Anybody have a copy?

- A letter from Peter Grant to Kim Fowley
the future manager of Led Zeppelin was then office manger for Mickey Most. Mickey
produced Kim Fowley on the Bo Didley classic "who do you love." Kim had to get to the studio
on The Tube.

A letter from Jonathan King

 Kim wrote a chapter in 1989, great reviews/small sales figures.

 Chantal has had many hits in Canada. She was unknown at the Juno Awards
in Vancouver BC. when she joined Kim for dinner... Leonard Cohen was
impressed; so was Paul Shaffer.

 Kim took Hanson to 24 labels, they said no. Kim edited their video demo, it made
no difference. We were early... Later Hanson became famous, Kim is proud.

EMI UK compared me to famous figures in history. All that happened was the song
got covered and appears on the Mott The Hoople Box Set.

 Herman Brood died in 2001, Jan of The Industrials may have married money and
Kim had two albums with Herman Brood as a lyricist. Pix taken in 1980 (Amsterdam).


Kim co-wrote the last single by The Sir Douglas Quintet. Doug and Augie went on
to join  The Texas Tornadoes. Doug died and went to heaven, Augie is on the new Bob Dylan album.

 Kim produced the Soft Machine in 1966... Polydor B side, track on The Harvest Box Set.

Vinyl Classics

Kim has Produced, Talent Spotted, Published, Written, or Performed Live with the following artists:

16 Hip Hits - Co-Writer One Song
Future Games
International Heroes
Nazomad & The Nightmares - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher One Song
Phil Spector 74/79
Shake Hands With The Devil
Slow Flux
Stars On Long Play
Sunset Boulevard - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (album)
The Bop They Couldn't Stop
The Sue Story Volume Two
Troublemakers - Co-Publisher, Producer One Song Artist (Modern Lovers)


Various Selections on Del-Fi Co-Produced/Co-Written by Kim Fowley


Kim brought Jan and Dean to Lou Adler so they could have a recording career... Kim is credited in the Liner Notes
Kim was the Tall Cool One... read the Liner Notes
more Liner Notes mentions
Kim has Co-Writing/Co-Publishing
on 1 song


Candy: The male GoGos meet the American Bay City Rollers... Kim and Michael Lloyd produced the demos, sumbody else produced the Polygram album that failed; however Gilbey Clark became a member of Guns N' Roses, Johnathon Daniel became a big deal NYC manager and Kyle Vincent is still the undiscovered Barry Manilow... John Shubert, what happened to you?

Bonnie Raitt: Kim hustled her for songs in 1971... Nothing happened...Come on Bonnie NOW you need a hit. Let me know.

American Graffiti: Kim produced the 3 new music sequences in the film = At The Hop, Louie Louie, and She's So Fine. Thank God and George Lucas and Peter Ractman, who got me the gig.

Cherry Bomb: Kim co-wrote and produced the original version. Certainly the Louie Louie type anthem of girl group folk lore.

Leon Russell: Leon's last major chart entry as an artist... Kim co-wrote seven songs.

Zig Zag: At last Kim's picture on a comic book... Life is good isn't?

Dick And Dee Dee: Kim went to High School with this duo, who charted in 1960 with The Mountains High... Other Rock and Roll classmates were Jan And Dean, Bruce Johnston, Henry Vastine from Canned Heat, Randy Newman and Nancy Sinatra... Actors who attended University High School, at the same time were Sandra Dee, Ryan O'Neil and James Brolin.

Edie: Kim produced and co-wrote Citizen Kane for Ciao Manhattan, which is the movie about Edie Sedgewick = The only Woman that Andy Warhol ever loved.

GG Allin: The ultimate Tragedy Poster Boy who always appreciated Kim's musical energy... Kim wrote the eulogy which appears on the liner notes of GG's last album.


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