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Kim's Silver Sixties career glorified in 35 page article
upon his return to Southern California.

Kim Fowley quoted on multiple pages in Sunset Blvd.-Whiskey A Go Go article.
Kim Fowley quoted on multiple pages in Continental Riot House article.
Feature article on Kim Fowley's life... plus quotes in two different articles about Kim Fowley produced artist Gene Vincent... Kim Fowley produced artist Danny Hutton, who later became the founding member of Three Dog Night... and Kim's involvement is mentioned.
Kim Fowley produced Gene Vincent... so did six other producers during Gene's career... Kim's contributions are mentioned.
Kim Fowley two page Tribute article.
Kim Fowley Guest Writer.
Kim Fowley Guest Writer.
Kim Fowley Producer and Co-Writer Tribute.
More Kim Fowley good press.
Kim Fowley Produced and Co-Wrote various songs and recordings with The Sunrays in the early days... refer to The Sunrays Box Set listed elsewhere on this website for full details.
Kim Fowley's advertisement about Producing-Composing Music for Movies is featured.
Kim Fowley's New Orleans Film Festival photo is included.
Kim Fowley is glorified in this Vienna, Austria entertainment magazine during his personal appearance tour in that country.
Kim Fowley's Hollywood profile continues in a full page article.
Kim is featured in this French Rock Magazine.
Kim Fowley's Production and Songwriting ability featured in this British Music Magazine.
Kim Fowley's Production and Co-Writing contributions to The Runaways career mentioned in historical perspective.
Kim Fowley's Production of The Modern Lovers featuring Jonathan Richmond featured in historical perspective... check website for actual album.
Kim Fowley the Artist makes #3 on the Charts in this Rock Magazine (Spain) with his recording of "Hotel Insomnia."
Kim gets Featured Artist profile article in the biggest Rock Magazine in Germany.
Kim's encounter with Guns & Roses mentioned.
Kim Fowley as a Producer/Manager mentioned in article about Starmakers/Dreammakers.
Kim Fowley's Co-Production of South Coast Party Boyz favorably reviewed. (New Orleans)
Kim Fowley advertisement for his Live Performance at Louisiana Music Factory. (New Orleans)
Kim Fowley's advertisement about Producing-Composing Movie Music featured. (New Orleans)
Featured article about former local resident Kim Fowley. (New Orleans)
Kim Fowley sold out The Mean Fiddler twice in
1995-96... feature article describes reason to behold Kim in live concert setting.
Mojo (September 20, 2000) Read about Kim Fowley and Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons on page 114 and Kim Fowley's footnote to the career of Napoleon XIV, "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaaa," on page 118.

Because Kim has been a Published Writer-Journalist and has been paid per word to fill up an empty page; he sympathizes with the challenge of writing about various subjects on assignment when the featured person is either dead, unavailable or uncooperative... Kim is also available to contribute to the various music/movie events that you need information on and that he has total recall of... this website contains a spectrum of 20th Century Show Biz subjects-personalities-legends-stars, etc. who have worked with Kim and with whom Kim shared encounters/adventures.

Yes, Kim is the person who writes ALL the captions on this website in case you wondered... but Connie Zimmermann is the Mommy-Webmaster General who ORGANIZES THIS MADNESS AND MULTIPLE MEMORIES into the visual extravaganza you are witnessing... THIS WEBSITE IS THE RESUME... THIS IS THE HISTORY.

Kim gets to be a Guest Writer again in a full page setting.
Atlanta Fanzine Glorifies Kim Fowley in yet another Feature Article. Kim Fowley welcomes all Fanzine writers to communicate because he has the Best Untold Stories about Your Fave Underground/Underworld Obsessions... check out the Summer 2001 Kim Fowley issue of Ugly Things Magazine...
Kim performed to a Sold Out house... Andre Williams came on stage and jammed... Kim and his band performed a Surf Instrumental and a riot started... a great Rock & Roll night captured by two separate video camera guys... does anybody have this footage?
Kim performs Wreckage on this DJ Magic Mike Miami Bass style compilation as Lead Singer of Vultures In The Sky... track goes to #1 Most Requested on a Mexico City FM station... album sells 75,000 units without charting in the world-wide Dance Underground.


Mentions of Kim in his various capacities as Artist, Writer, Publisher, Producer and LEGEND.


Elvis & Marlin (U.S.A.) 45 RPM - Co-Writer

Kim Fowley and Cheryl Crane
- daughter of Lana Turner and author in her own right

Young Doves calling at the break of day... they found Kim Fowley and many games to play.
Another Silver Sixties episode that's best left to one's speculation and imagination.

Kim Fowley and Nicole Barre - reminding Kim of her need to be paid
on the Young Flesh City VS. The Bad Dog Club album

Elke K. and Kim in Vienna, Austria (1995)... Elke is Co-Artist on the Babylon Angels
album which will eventually find its way on to join Young Flesh City
as an experimental album designed to offend your parents and keep the neighbors awake.

Songwriter Magazine's Hall of Fame - 2000

Bunny and Bear - Kim is Bunny - Gail Zappa is Bear... Gail later married Frank Zappa... Kim sang with Frank on "Help I'm A Rock" on The Mothers Of Invention "Freak Out" album. The Back Street Dudes - Lead singer is Chan Romero, who wrote "Hippy Hippy Shake," made famous by The Swingin' Blue Jeans... Kim produced this rare gem.
Family Scandal - Lead guitar/vocals by Mike Allsup, later to be lead guitar Three Dog Night... this song written by Jimi Hendrix. The Rose Garden - Kim Published the B Side of their massive hit "Next Plane To London."
The Pharaos - First Co-Written song by Kim to ever appear on vinyl... Co-Written by future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. Joey Covington - Later to be in both The Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship... Produced by Kim Fowley on the B Side of a John Entwistle song.
Kim Fowley has Produced, Written or Published various 45 RPM Vinyl Singles since 1959... these historical items are in the briefcase he carries from town to town to delight amazed record collectors... there are hundreds MORE in storerooms, suitcases, attics, basements, forgotten drawers and office files throughout the universe... as they become available, these artifacts of historical value may be posted on this website from time to time for your interest.
Fabian - His last ever single Co-Written by Kim and future Sunray lead singer Rick Henn. COLLECTORS: If Kim ever transfers these Vinyl Treasures to Database ALL the surviving 45 RPM Vinyl Singles will be FOR SALE... because Kim doesn't have a record player...

Kim Fowley - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer Two Albums: Sunset Boulevard/Venus & The Razorblades: Songs Of The Sunshine Jungle

Kim Fowley is a variation of Alex Chilton, Lou Reed
and a West Coast Dan Penn in Glasgow, Scotland.

More Glasgow, Scotland Kim Fowley Tribute.

Kim is the Master Of Ceremonies at The Last Ever Glitter/Glam Rock Concert in Hollywood.

Kim gets to be Master Of Ceremonies at the First Concert John Lennon
performed at After leaving The Beatles.

Kim Fowley interprets Britney Spears for Detroit News

December 1999 - Kim Fowley appeared on three separate Beat Room Shows and Two BBC Radio Broadcasts while in Glasgow.
Psycho Circus - Billboard Top Music Videos - Co-Writer

Panelist & Public Speaker


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