Kim Fowley

Outside the USA

Kim has Produced, Published, Written, Sung, Recorded, Talent-Spotted, or Performed live
in the following countries with the following artists/companies:

Mott The Hoople (U.K.) - Co-Writer, Co-Producer One Song
Industrials (Germany/Holland) - Producer, Co-Writer
Industrials (Germany-Holland) - Producer, Co-Writer
Caroline Now! (Germany)- Artist One Song
The Byrds (U.K.)- Co-Writer Seven Songs
Plastic Ono Band (U.K.)- Consultant, Master Of Ceremonies
The Seekers (U.K./Australia) - Co-Writer One Song
Kim Fowley (U.K./Ireland/Germany/Austria/Switzerland) - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher
I Believe In Father Christmas - Writer, Publisher One Song
Reading - Co-Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer With Teenage Fan Club One Song
California Clan (Germany) - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer One Song
The Trip (U.K.) - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher, Co-Producer one selection
Kim Fowley - (Italy) - Artist, Co-Writer, Producer
I'm Not Built For This - Producer (album)
Kim Fowley - Artist, Producer, Publisher, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher
B. BUMBLE AND THE STINGERS (U.K.) - Composer/Publisher Title Song
Nutrocker - Writer
Blood or Whiskey - Co-Producer (album) - (Sound Records/Ireland)
The Andrew Oldham Orchestra and Chorus - Co-Artist, Co-Writer One Song (See For Miles/U.K.)
AndyWhite.Compilation - Co-Writer, Co-Producer Two Songs (Cooking Vinyl/U.K.)
Get Back Home - Co-Writer, Co-Producer One Song (Cooking Vinyl/U.K.)
Teenage - Co-Writer, Co-Producer Two Songs (Cooking Vinyl/U.K.)
Control - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer (album) - (Phonogram/Germany)
Creatures - Artist, Writer, Producer, Publisher (album) - (Mystery Records-Hot Records-CBS/Australia)
Midnight Movies - Artist, Writer, Producer, Publisher (album) - (Sonic/U.K.)
Mondo Hollywood - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (album) - (Revola-Creation/U.K.)
Outrageous - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (Re-issued Ascension Records Australia)
Mondo Hollywood - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (album) - (Revola-Creation/U.K.)
Outrageous - Artist, Producer, Writer, Arranger, Musician (Revola-Creation/U.K.)
A Seedy Compilation - Producer Two Songs -
International Heroes - Producer (album) - (MNW/Sweden)
Wilde Oscars - Co-Writer, Co-Producer Five Songs (Keynote Records/Ireland)
Sugarwood - Co-Produced by Kim Fowley in Newcastle, England
Liner Note Mention

Artist Credit
THE HELLIONS (Picadilly Records) Kim was producer of future members of Traffic. Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi, who were in this ill-fated band whose single "Day Dreamin' of You" was written by Jacki de Shannon (1964).
P.J. Proby (Decca/Liberty) Kim was the master of ceremonies for the Bad Boy Singer on his 1964 live shows. They played the Royal Albert Hall and stole the show from the John Barry produced Adam Faith.
Richie Blackmore Before Deep Purple: Kim produced Richie in an English group, The Lancasters. Tracks include "Satan's Holiday" and "Earth Shaker". Richie played "Satan's Holiday" with Deep Purple as part of the encore medley on their last USA tour in the early 1990's (1964).
Bo & Peep (Decca) Kim was Bo, Andrew Oldham was Peep, backed by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, pre-Zepplin.
Slade Were known as the 'N Betweens in 1966 when Kim produced nine sides later leased to Columbia/EMI Records (UK).
Soft Machine Were Produced by Kim as a four piece in 1966. Four songs were recorded and one song released on Polydor (UK) and Harvest (UK) Re-issue.
Cat Stevens (Deram) Kim Co-Wrote "Portabello Road" in 1966.
Mick Fleetwood Before the MAC; Mick played drums on Kim's 1966 Reprise single "Don't Be Cruel".
Them/Belfast Gypsies After Van Morrison left Them, the group found Kim and he produced various sides on Them aka Belfast Gypsies on Sonet (Sweden), Vogue (France), Loma (USA, W&G Australia and Island UK) where they were known as Freaks of Nature (1966).
The Seekers (EMI Records UK) Recorded Kim's Co-Written Christmas song "Emerald City" in 1966.
Family In 1966 Kim produced Roger Chapman/Rick Grech formed group. Tracks included "Silver Dagger" and "The Great Pretender". Kim introduced Family to Jimmy Miller who later produced their future product.
Manfred Mann (HMV Australia) Recorded a Hollywood Argyles track sung and Co-Written by Kim on an EP in 1966. The track was "Long Haired, Unsquared Dude Called Jack".
Cream In 1967 ex-Manfred Mann bassist Jack Bruce recorded this song with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker on the first collection of Cream Demos.
Emerson Lake and Palmer Covered "Nutrocker" in "Pictures of and Exhibition" on 1971 Worldwide hit album. "Nutrocker" written by Kim Fowley was Number One in England in 1961 by B. Bumble and The Stingers.
Wigwam (Love Records/Verve Forecast) Legendary Helsinki, Finland group produced by Kim Fowley in 1970 for Love Records (Helsinki) Verve Forecast (USA).
Contact/Scorpion (MNW Records) Were produced by Kim in Vaxholm, Sweden in 1966. Kim joined Contact/Scorpion on MNW Records. He was the first staff producer and a self-produced artist.
Cockney Rebel Were talent spotted by Kim and introduced by name January 1, 1974 during Kim's appearance on "Old Grey Whistle Test".
Mott-The-Hoople (RSO Records) Became The British Lions and recorded Kim's Co-Written Glam classic "International Heroes" in the late seventies after Ian Hunter left the group.
Plastic Ono Band (Apple) After John Lennon left the Beatles he played "Live" at Toronto's Varsity Stadium. You can hear Kim as Master of Ceremonies intro the band on the "Live in Toronto" album. Eric Clapton was lead guitar that night (1969).
Stars on 45/Herman Brood/Diesel Recorded Kim Fowley songs on various albums in Holland. While in Holland Kim met the Peer Music (Holland) force behind Diesel and arranged for their North American release on Regency Atlantic (USA) and RCA (Canada). Late 1970's early 1980's. Kim's song "Nutrocker" ends the Stars on 45 album which sells 8 million units worldwide.
Street Talk/Crocodiles New Zealand Super groups, Kim produced Street Talk (WEA/NZ) in 1979. Kim Co-Published Crocodiles in 1980 (RCA/NZ). Between them they won five New Zealand music awards.
Ross Wilson (Mondo Rock) Ross and Kim co-wrote "Down to Earth" in Melbourne, Australia (1979). Later covered by Steppenwolf on their Attic (Canada) album.
The Who/Led Zepplin Recorded "Nutrocker" as encores from the late 1960's to the early 1970's according to various bootleg/grapevine sources

Kim has Co-Written or Published songs that have been performed or recorded by Primal Scream, Ride (Andy), Girl, Shirley Bassey (UK), The Vancouvers (Spain), Crashland (Australia) and a yet to be identified soccer team in Japan!

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