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"My father Douglas Fowley was an actor in Singing In The Rain... sometimes I think I am an actor in the Kim Fowley Story..."

Douglas Fowley appeared in musicals with Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly... was Doc Holliday on Wyatt Earp (ABC TV) played Walt in "Cat Women Of The Moon;" he even got to make a movie with John Wayne and won a Photoplay Best Supporting Actor Award for William A. Wellman's war movie classic "Battle Ground" which was an inspiration for Steven Spielberg's more recent war movie classic "Saving Private Ryan."

Douglas Fowley: Was in cowboy movies like "Dodge City" starring Errol Flynn, a Hopalong Cassidy movie with Robert Mitchum, gave Dale Evans her first screen kiss and was in serials with Don "Red" Barry and Alan "Rocky" Lane... Kim appeared with his father in the 1949 RKO Picture: "Treasure Of The Rio Grande" starring Tim Holt... Kim's character was the son of Cleo Moore, an early Jayne Mansfield type who once dated Senator Earl Long (Louisiana) as portrayed by Paul Newman in "Blaze."

Kim Fowley: "My mother Shelby Payne was an Adrian Model, a Goldwyn Girl and a Warner Bros. contract player in the film titled The Big Sleep... somehow I didn't inherit the beauty genes so I replaced them with mystery..."

Shelby Payne: While a Warner Bros. contract player Shelby met her next husband after Douglas Fowley at the USO Stagedoor Canteen in World War Two Hollywood... Kim's stepfather's name was William Friml... William was a gifted Arranger/Piano Player who counted Roberta Lynn and the Crosby Bothers among his clients... Kim learned Orchestration-Arrangement concepts from his stepfather which he later used in his Film Music career... as well as in the sweeping sonics that appear on his Helen Reddy recordings... William's father was Rudolph Friml, a Co-Founder of ASCAP in 1914... among the other Co-Founders were Irving Berlin and George Gershwin.

Shelby Payne: If you count Kim's Step-Grandfather Rudolph Friml, Kim is now the third generation of his family to be in Show Business.


Kim Fowley: "People with low self esteem always see me this way..."

Kim Fowley: "Controversy is part of the defense mechanism..."

Kim Fowley: "Being a serious music businessman somehow is actually more fun than being a household word..."

Kim Fowley: "Living in a Britney Spears and Brad Pitt World has allowed me the option of having this face and body which conceals a Mike Todd - Mozart talent and skill of Sound And Vision that Originates, Develops And Exploits more digestible Human Being Products..."

Kim Fowley: "I listen to all unknown, unloved, unnoticed, unappreciated and unsigned music performers..."

Kim Fowley: "In my quest to hear new music from non-world famous entry level musical artists I sometimes spend precious moments with people who never become world famous. That doesn't mean I or they wasted time. It just means that you never know... so I talk to everybody at least once... by the way if you have music that I should hear, maybe I can contribute information that will make the difference if you succeed or fail. If you succeed, I am a stepping stone. If you fail, that very act of destiny will enable you to get on with your life doing something that doesn't involve fame and fortune. God didn't create everybody to be a superstar. I should know I'm not a star myself; but I work with stars and oftentimes recognize star quality in everyday people doing everyday things.

I have been left for dead, considered unimportant, out of date, too soon, too confusing, too magnificent, too flawed, too intense, too ordinary, too uninteresting to command the front cover of international media, products and postage stamps. My joy is composing songs for Films - Television - Radio - Sports and Commercials... but I can't resist another joy: DISCOVERY... be sure and send me music that can change the world..."

Kim Fowley also hangs out with famous friends like his client the late Gene Vincent, his first collaborator Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys/Ripcords), the late Del Shannon, Aynsly Dunbar (Mother's Of Invention/George Duke), two backing musicians of the Beach Boy touring road show, the legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and an unknown guy named Mark who looked better than everybody else... but of course he never became a household name.

The only difference between successful and non-successful folks in the music business is that the successful ones spend more time with more successful ones and in that reflective glory and metaphysical vampire-ism are able to acquire additional information which allows = career extension.

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