Kim Fowley

Rock, Metal and Punk

A KISS Covers Compilation - Nirvana performs Kim Fowley Co-Written Song "Do You Love Me?"
KISS - Co-Writer One Song
SLADE - Producer Six Songs, Co-Writer Two Songs, Co-Artist One Song
SLADE - Same album, different artwork
Motley Crue - Publisher One Song: "Stick To Your Guns"
Indulgence, Inc. - A Tribute To Motley Crue which features "Stick To Your Guns"
Welcome To My Nightmare - Co-Writer One Song
Destroyer - Co-Writer Two Songs
Greatest - Co-Writer One Song
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Composer/Publisher
One Song
The Modern Lovers - Producer 2 tracks
The Modern Lovers - Producer Total Album
Steel Breeze - Album Producer
The Germs - Album Producer
Uncle Sam - Co-Producer
Rockin' Instrumentals - Composer/Publisher
One Song
Skip & Flip - Co-Producer Three Songs + West Coast Promo Cherry Pie
Nilon Bombers - Producer, Co-Writer
Nilon Bombers - Producer (single)
Kim Fowley - Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Writer
Kim Fowley & The Rubbertown Freaks- Writer, Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer
Kim Fowley and the BMX Bandits - (Live) - Co-Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer Multiple Songs
We're Gonna Shake You Down - Co-Writer, Co-Producer (single)
Theme Park - Co-Writer, Co-Producer Eight Songs
Kim Fowley featuring Chris Wilson - (Live) - Artist, Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher
Blowtorch - Producer (album)
Instrumental Cool - Writer, Publisher One Song
Kings Of Saturday Night - Co-Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Publisher (album)
Kim Fowley - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher
The Take - Producer

Ten High - Writer, Publisher

Straight Outta Burbank - Producer, Publisher, Writer
Waves - Producer, Publisher, Writer
Vampires From Outer Space - Producer, Publisher, Writer
Triple Echo - Producer
Watts In A Tank - Co-Publisher, Talent Scout
British Lions - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher

Jimmy Page - Kim Fowley - Robert Plant

Marilyn Manson - Kim Fowley

Andi Beltramo - Co-Artist on Worm Culture and the Let The Madness In albums.

Jody Reynolds - Singer & Writer of the immortal rock classic "Endless Sleep" is still going strong in the 21st Century in Bermuda Dunes, California... the below listed letter is Jody's endorsement of Kim's TV skills... Kim produced a Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids version of "Endless Sleep" (Epic Records)

Boyce And Hart - The legendary songwriting team who created words and music for The Monkees, Jay And The Americans, and Curtis Lee cavorting with their buddy Kim Fowley on the sinister Sunset Strip... somewhere lost in time in the Silver Sixties.

Pre-Buck Cherry - The lead singer of Slamhound became the lead singer of Buck Cherry... Joshua Todd had magic in 1992 and Kim Fowley recognized it... Kim did pre-production and Co-Designed the first EVER Flyer-Setlist combo... no records were made but there were some good parties...


Kim has Produced, Talent Spotted, Published, Written, or Performed live with the following artists:

Artist Label/Date Credit
THE SLEEPWALKERS 1957-1958 Kim was manager, hustler, lyricist for a West LA band that featured Bruce Johnston (Beachboys) and Sandy "Teen Beat" Nelson. Sometimes Phil Spector sat in on lead guitar.
HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES Lute/1960 Kim was Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Artist with Gary Paxton.
MOTHERS OF INVENTION Verve Kim sang Help I'm A Rock with Frank Zappa on The Freak Out album in 1965 and the unreleased live Whiskey-a-GoGo album in 1967.
THE SEEDS GNP/Crescendo Falling Off the Edge of My Mind, Wild Blood, and the unreleased Shock Waves were produced by Kim in 1968.
THE RUNAWAYS Mercury 1975-1977 Created, produced, and managed by Kim Fowley. He Co-Wrote songs like Cherry Bomb and School Days. Joan Jett and Lita Ford were in the group.
VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES Spark/UK Same type music as the Runaways except they were on Spark, had two minor UK hits, Punk-A-Rama and I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are. Album is re-released and online at and/or Peer Music.
GERMS Various Kim produced the debut album Live At The Whiskey released on various labels through the years from Bomp to Roir to ?
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Gardena/1962 Kim produced and Co-Wrote Like Bluegrass/Leatherneck. James Burton and Joe Osborne from Elvis Presley's Live Vegas Band played guitar and bass respectively.
KISS Casablanca/Mercury 1975-2000 Recorded two Kim Fowley Co-Written songs - Do You Love Me? and King of the Nighttime World. These two songs have been recorded, re-recorded, and repackaged on over thirteen different Kiss albums, videos, one TV movie soundtrack, and "Detroit Rock City" soundtrack.
ALICE COOPER Atlantic/1975 Recorded one Kim Fowley Co-Written song, Escape, on Welcome to My Nightmare.
GUNS AND ROSES/POISON Geffen/Enigma/Capitol Each band thanked Kim for talent spotting efforts on their debut album(s). The Gold and Platinum records hang on the wall of his office.

Other notable artists Kim has worked with, or had songs recorded or produced by include: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Steppenwolf, Hollywood Stars, Blue Cheer, BTO, The Dead Boys, Van Halen, The Replacements, 45 Grave, The Idiot Pills, The Flower Leopards, Jeff Dahl Group, Steel Breeze, Blue Oyster Cult, Motley Crue, Fall Dancer, The Dickies, Surf Punks and even sang lead on two GWAR demo tracks.


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